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The Omaha Star Institute is a 501(c)(3)corporation established in 2023. The Omaha Star Institute was established to support the operation of the Newspaper, Archives, and programs of the Omaha Star Institute. 

The Omaha Star Newspaper was founded by Mildred D. Brown and the first publication was July 9, 1938, Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha Star publishes the Good News of the Community and supports justice and equality for all people. The Omaha Star is the ONLY Black Newspaper in the State of Nebraska.  

Donations support the Omaha Star Newspaper, Archives, and programs of the corporation. Donations can be made to the Omaha Star Institute via Donorbox, PayPal or check. (EIN 93-1575976). 

                                              THE NEWSPAPER
The Omaha Star Newspaper: www.theomahastar.com is a weekly paper published on Fridays, information is due the Friday before.
The Omaha Star is delivered digitally or in print delivered by US Mail to your home or office.(www.theomahastar.com)
Subscriptions can be requested online or by sending membership fee of $50.00 by mail:

Omaha Star
PO Box 3393
Omaha, NE 68103

Office location:
2216 N 24 Street
Omaha, NE  68110

Information can be submitted for publication to:

                                                   THE ARCHIVES
The Omaha Star has been archived from 1938-present.   
For request on information from the archives email:

Call: 402-708-8868
Email: publisher@omahastarinc.com

TO DONATE: www.donorbox.com/85-club
EIN: 93-1575976