Black Children Book Week

by D. M. Whitaker

We all know and love that Black History Month is here! And if you're like me you celebrate Black History all year round with your children. But did you know about Black Children's Book Week? It's the last week in February (February 26-March 4) where authors, illustrators, publishers, librarians, parents...EVERYONE..celebrate the representation of black children in literature and media! This is so important to our black and brown children, because seeing themselves in books empowers and affirms them, and inspires them to love and enjoy reading.Here are some ways you can celebrate Black Children's Book Week:
Read culturally representative to black children
Visit our black-owned book store and purchase books
Purchase children's books from black authors
Donate black books to your child's classroom, shelter, and/or church
Check out and request a black children's book from your local library
Leave a review for a black children's book that you love on Amazon or Goodreads
Find a community mobile library and donate a black children's book

And guess what?! You can do these things all year round. Diversify your classroom and home libraries with books that look like your children and/or black and brown children you know. And if you can't find the book that represents what's most important to you and the children you know and love, write it! Books are so important to children's learning, develop a love of reading, give them access to new ideas, and provide them with the opportunity to explore new topics. Check out or pick up a black book by a black author today and share the stories and possibilities with children on who they are and who they can become.