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COVID-19 has not been totally removed from society, but it has been slowed a bit. Personally I have received both vaccinations which gives me a green light to travel while maintaining CDC guidelines for travel. After being grounded since December 2019, I am looking forward to traveling and new experiences locally and internationally. So much is happening and so rapidly. Sometimes it is a challenge to find GOOD NEWS which the Omaha Star is dedicated to reporting. Recently I participated in a dialogue with the Jewish Press facilitated by ADL on the discussion of race. Did you know that North Omaha was at one time home to the Jewish population of Omaha? We share some life experiences when it comes to racism in our cultures. Communication is key and keeping it flowing is the recipe for understanding. While the ancestors from neither culture were born here, we are here now and we will strive for understanding and growth. In preparation for this opportunity I read the recent book by Don Lemon, This is the Fire: What I Say To My Friends About Racism by Don Lemon (CNN). This is a great read and I highly recommend this book. Recently, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publisher Association, NNPA, a trade association of approximately 231 African American-owned community newspapers from around the United States. Mildred D. Brown was at the table when this association was organized over 75 years ago. Omaha was and is relevant nationally and is recognized for our contribution to the fabric of community communications. Dr. Chavis shared with me why a paper like the Omaha Star is important. Our community can depend on getting information through the pages of our paper that is TRUE. All forms of media do not report the truth and what is true to our communities. Please support the Omaha Star with a subscription to your home and or office. I also encourage that you advertise on the pages of the Omaha Star and that our readers support our advertisers. This summer we are looking forward to launching our Junior Journalism program designed to introduce3 high school aged students to the various professions included in journalism. If you know a student5 who would be interested, please submit their name and contact information to our offices. We strive to support local issues and families with our articles and photos. We encourage you to share your news with us by submitting information to: publisher@omahastarinc. com.
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