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Shots/vaccinations, masks, social distance, and hand washing is all a result of COVID-19 and life goes on.  There are many nationally recognized persons who were born in Omaha.  Malcolm Little/Malcom X is one of those people.  In the top right corner in the area backed by the Black Lives Matter matting is a sign that stands in the entry way of the Malcolm X Center.  Mrs. Rowena Moore was the Founder of the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation (1971) used her own monies to stage events commemorating his birth and death.  Her dream was to construct an educational and cultural center at the site of his birth home here in Omaha.  Fifty years (2021) later at 3448 Pinkney Street stands the Malcolm X Center.  Mrs. Moore was the first Black woman to run for the Omaha City Council.  

Malcom-x-Engraved-Birthsite-StoneHer family owned five lots that included his birth home site and in 1983 the Foundation was incorporated.In 1987 a historical marker was placed on the site.  That same year with the report of the Shabazz family and our community she purchased the surrounding ten acres.  Inspired by Malcolm’s many speeches on the radio she became interested in starting an organization after Malcom’s return from his trip to Mecca.

I wanted to supply history on how the Malcolm X Foundation was started.  On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, would have been Malcolm’s 96th Birthday.  In past years Omaha celebrated his birthday in a big way.  I know one North Omaha titan that quit his job because his downtown employer would not give him the day off for this day of celebration.  

To commemorate his 96 years the Omaha Star will have 96 cupcakes available for the public in our offices at 2216 North 24th Street (9AM-3PM).  Join us to celebrate Malcolm!

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