I don’t know about YOU but now there is HOPE for small gatherings, travel, and hugging your family due to the massive roll out of vaccines for COVID- 19. That does not mean that you can stop wearing masks, washing your hands and maintaining social distance, because COVID-19 is NOT over.

We are rounding the corner to the end of Women’s History month. I advocate that we celebrate Women as well as Black History every day. Let that sit right there…

This paper states: “Dedicated to the Service of the People that NO Good Cause Shall Lack a Champion and that Evil Shall Not Go Unopposed.” Exactly what did Mildred D. Brown mean by this state- ment as the manifesto of the Omaha Star? “No Good Cause Shall Lack a Champion” means the GOOD news, we are champions of the GOOD news, no matter the size of the act. “Evil Shall Not Go Unopposed” means that injustice shall not reign. In this day and time, the “politics” of our nation, our state, our city, and our institutions are in peril. In my opinion the wheels seem to be in reverse. The forward movements that have been made looks like the reverse moonwalk. Do not let it happen. 

I was recently in a meeting and it was pointed out how in the past what progress had been made. We seem to think that we need to recreate the wheel and rework the work. How about studying history and see what changes were made for the better and reinstitute THAT. Updates are great and necessary, but the core is the same. You do not know where you are going unless you know where you have been…

Our local elections are on the horizon. We have the right, so VOTE. Study the issues and be informed. April 6, 2021, and May 11, 2021, are the dates for voting in person. Mail in ballots are an option. Whatever you do, VOTE. You have no room to complain if you are not part of the process, VOTE.

Be safe…

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