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COVID.  Monkey Poxs.  CDC has relaxed requirements for schools as they open this fall…To mask or not, that is the question.  Numbers are rising in our state for infections, beware.

Back to school!  It has been noted and observed that the years of pandemic and schools being closed has had an effect on our students’ capacity to socialize and have “age appropriate” reactions to situations are impaired.  Even the most academic minded student is suffering when it comes to making decisions and socializing with their peers.  Educators are aware but as family members we must be watchful and understanding of the children.

There have been many great events in our community this summer.  There was a Community Day at Bryant Center.  Vendors and community resource tables for parents were available and there was a person with a barber chair under a canopy giving FREE haircuts to boys. The day culminated with 1000 backpacks being distributed to students.  Throughout the summer there have been numerous school supply events.  The students are well prepared for the start of school.

For 105 years the Bryant-Fisher family has celebrated their family reunion and this year was no different. Known as the Dozens of Cousins, named for the twelve branches of the family.  Emma Early Bryant-Fisher brought the family together in 1917 to celebrate her sons that were venturing off to serve in World War I.  The family is on record with the state of Nebraska as the largest African-American family in the state.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 3:00pm, the street where Symone Sanders-Townsend, grew up (22nd and Sprague Streets) will be named for her in a ceremony.  This has been quite the year for our family and this is one of the highlights that we can share with the Omaha community. The Omaha Star is rolling out a new product! The Omaha Star PLUS will begin a weekly publication that will have as its content public notices.  To be published on a Wednesday and it will have its own subscription fee of $52.00 for a year and will be available both for delivery by US mail and digitally.  What is a public notice?  Name changes, publication of new businesses, legal notices, notices by the city, legal announcements, and more.  The fee for publishing a notice is $25.00 per notice per week.  We are looking forward to serving Omaha with our proud tradition of publishing through this ADDITIONAL publication by the Omaha Star.  We will begin on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.  Stay tuned…

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