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Omaha’s Terence Crawford Lands His Big Fight

Omaha’s Terence Crawford Lands His Big Fight

Terence 'Bud' Crawford has landed the biggest fight of his career, scheduled to occur this Fall.

The Omaha-native is set to face Shawn ‘Showtime’ Porter in Las Vegas on November 20, after lengthy negotiations were finally brought to a close. The WBO welterweight title will be on the line; a belt Crawford has had around his waist since June 2018.

The WBO stipulated Crawford must face Porter, but negotiations have not been easy. Our resident champion has been desperate to land a fight against a big name to test his 37-0 record, but he has previously been unable to do so. Manny Pacquiao, Errol Spence Jr., Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia all eluded Crawford, as did Porter, who is seen as the only serious challenger to his crown.

“I’m very excited,” the 33-year-old told ESPN. “Now I can show my talent, and maybe I can show something for the general public, something that they’ve never seen before. Because I don’t believe that I’ve shown them my best yet.”

The paying public will contribute to the $10m prize purse, split 60/40, and two-time welterweight champion Porter is equally enthusiastic about stepping into the ring with Crawford. “When you consider the experience in this fight and me having more experience than Terence Crawford, that is a fact,” he said. “When I say the fight between me and Terence Crawford is going to be great, it’s gonna be great. When I say I have what it takes to beat him, don’t sleep on that, believe that. I do!”

Whilst Porter has been defeated three times in his career, Crawford remains without a blemish on his record. Indeed Kell Brook, the British fighter who defeated Porter for the IBF title back in 2014, was the last man Crawford beat. That prompted The Fight City to proclaim he is ‘one of the most outstanding talents of the last few years’. The fight ended inside four rounds, whilst he also defeated another strong British challenger, Amir Khan, in six.

Whilst Porter is known as a pressure fighter, full of grit and spirit it is Crawford who many feel will come out on top in the bout. He’s rated as the favorite for the fight with Bwin, and such a victory would surely elevate him to worldwide acclaim. Despite his fine record, 28 knockouts in his 37 wins, he is not well-known outside of the U.S. This PPV might be the first time many global boxing fans have a chance to witness his devastating hand speed, as well as his comfortable switch from orthodox to southpaw.

Not everybody within the boxing world feels the bout deserves its billing as a PPV event. Tim Bradley, a former WBO welterweight and WBC light-welterweight champion, feels the two men are not high profile enough to carry off such an event.

“I walked around and asked 20 random people who don’t know anything about boxing. Do you know Terrence ‘Bud’ Crawford? They said no. Have you ever heard of Shawn Porter? No. All 20 of them said they never heard of them. So why is this fight on pay-per-view?”

On November 20th at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, Omaha’s Terence Crawford has a chance to prove Bradley wrong and finally get the recognition he deserves for his stellar record.

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