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The dictionary definition of prayer is an object of worship; an address to God, a solemn request for help. Prayer can be personal, prayer can be public, prayer can be spoken words, prayer can be many silent words in our thoughts, prayer can be individual, prayer can be corporate. Regardless of what prayer is in your life, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!
Nehemiah Briggs, a young man at Jesuit Academy, independently journaled his prayer that he later titled Black Lives Matter Prayer that he desired to share with the world…
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter!


Everyone has a life to live, and that is including black people. Black people are not afraid to lift their fist up and say, “Black Lives Matter!” We do not resort to violence because we are black. Black people should be treated the same way as white people, because all the while, we do treat white people with respect.
We should also get respect back. There is no reason for you to be scared of us. We are fully human, even if we look different than you. Nobody should suffer or ever be judged by the color of their skin. It is very disrespectful, or ignorant and oftentimes results in death, crime and less belief in self. Black is beautiful and that is the bigger picture. You can see in magazines that the most beautiful women are black. Most of the time, they are not judged, but sometimes they do get judged. Blacks should never get judged because God says in the bible to free all people. We are perfect in God’s eyes, and that is what should stand out to you and me. There are blacks that think we are mistreated and I agree. Some are scared to speak out because they do not want to get shot or killed. Some don’t speak out because they need their children to have a better future.
We really just want to know if there will be a future for young blacks like me. Maybe when we meet God he will have the answer for us. Meanwhile, as we lift our fists and say, “Black Lives Matter,” there is a future in our hands.

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