To Our Valued Subscribers and Advertisers



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To Our Valued Readers and Advertisers,

Since 1938 the Omaha Star has been a beacon of light in the Omaha community.  As a leader in civil rights, The Omaha Star has pushed for equal rights and voting rights, printed the facts and made it possible for Black voices to be heard.  The paper has supported the community by telling our stories, highlighting the academic, social and athletic achievements of our youth, and shining a spotlight on small businesses and the “best” of our community.

However, the world is constantly changing and the avenues for communication have certainly changed in the last decade. To keep pace with today’s society, The Omaha Star is also changing in a big way.  As we update our methodology of communication, we will be converting to a bi-weekly publication effective July 3, 2015.  

For the convenience of our readers and advertisers, in the very near future, The Omaha Star will be available in both print and electronic formats.  We will offer print and online subscriptions and advertising and the ability to research our archived editions.

We are excited about the opportunity to better serve you, our readers and advertisers, and we look forward to continuing to offer you the news that impacts our community.  Please visit the website:

Thank you for your continued support.

Marguerita Washington, Publisher
PHONE: 402-346-4041
FAX: 402-346-4064